Coldwater Landscapes Turf Management Division has been treating lawns for commercial and residential properties across North Alabama for over 10 years! Our team of professionals go through constant training to stay on the cutting edge of new chemicals to address any problems and to prevent resistance problems. Coldwater Landscapes always takes into consideration your family and pets and use the friendliest products available.

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Standard Program – 7 Treatments per year.
  • Premier Program – 9 Treatments per year .
  • Lawn Aeration – This helps relieve compaction and help get air movement to the roots of your turf.
  • Top Dressing – Applying a layer of sand can help level some of the smaller dips and holes in your turf
  • Lawn Insecticide and Fungicide – Having a problem in the Turf, Let our professionals help you identify the problem!
  • Soil Samples and Lime – Having a problem with your lawn just not performing as you think it should? Let us pull a soil sample to be analyzed by Alabama Extention Service to tell us specifically what your lawn needs.